The jest's prosperity lies in the Ear of him that hears it, never in the tongue of him that makes it.--William Shakespeare



(n)  1.  A buncha scoundrels and ninnys they be! Not enough sense in 'em to enjoy the drink they got, they're always lookin' to the next.


(n) [Beer-shee] 1.  A spirit from mythology that gives forth a mournful cry upon the approaching death of a MacThoy. It seems to be the sound of "Last Call".


(n)  1.  The diminutive of Cask.  2.  A small keg of beer or wine.

Clan Bo'sun

(n)  1.  Peacekeeper.  2.  Arbitrator.  3.  The Bo'sun or the bo'sun mate (in the bo'sun's absence) metes out thumpings as she deems necessary.  All would do well to avoid incurring her baleful countenance.
Coupla (n) 1. The challenging toast in a MacThoy Round Robin.  Coupla gives rise to the words couplet, copulation and culpa when the Church decided that the Clan was having too much fun for its own good.
Dea (n)  1.  A feminine of "dios" the Latin word for "god."  Often used in the diminutive as in "goddess-like."  Used in the Clan as an appellation for certain widows.
Den Mother of Iniquity (n) 1.  First line of medical defense, often embodied in the mystic phrase "Don't do that."  The Den Mother also serves as a vizier for the Clan.  Many of the Clan are unfamiliar with the ways of SCAdians and the intermediary skills of  the Mother come into play.  This again often involves the mystic phrase "Don't do that."  The Den Mother often works tag team with the Clan Bo'sun.
Grand-mistress Keg Killer 1.  (n)  A title bestowed on a Tablero player.  At writing, the Clan boasts only two GMKKs which are plenty.  Read more.
Guzzle Whomper (n)  [GUH'-zel-wahm'-per]  1. A children's story to frighten wee MacThoy before bedtime.  2. The creature of that name. A spirit thought to be the lost soul of an impenitent MacThoy who harries the Clan in order to drink their beer.   3. A person exhibiting the characteristics of a Guzzle-whomper: seemingly unquenchable thirst for alcohol with no effects relative to the amount consumed.
Hag (n) 1.  A person who throws haggis from the verb hagging.
Hagging (v)  1.  To throw Haggis.  Or to haggle.



(n) 1.  A Scottish dish of minced heart, lungs, and liver of a sheep or calf  with suet, onions, oatmeal, and seasonings and boiled in the stomach of said animal.


(n or v) 1.  The first round of a series of toasts.  Joice is an old word.  The only remnant of it in contemporary verbiage is "joist" a carpentry word for brace. Brace is diminutive of bracer which is a drink.


(n)  1.  The family name of the Clan formed from the joining of three families (the Flynns, the Gelts, and the Seekers) in the early days of history.  2.  A bastardization of the Greek word "mochthos" meaning trouble.  The plural of which is mochthoi.


(n) 1.  Friend of the Clan.  2.  Pretender to the Clan.  3. A tasty treat.


(ad)  1.  A very short unit of time used by the MacThois to described distances between benders.  e.g..  "I swear, I will ne'eragain drink that much."

Village Idiot

(n) 1.  A Clans member who is a hazard to him/herself and others as well.   A title usually earned through Herculean efforts of the asinine.
Wheelbarrow (n) 1.  Literally from "wheel borrow."  The conveyance was in such high demand in MacThoy culture as part of courting that one was often required to borrow it from a neighbor.


(n) 1.  Title of a MacThoy woman.  2. enticing or goading to excitement.  


(n) 1.  Another term for penis.

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