Haggis Huck

A sport that is derived from the MacThoy Widows needing to periodically drive off the local constabulary, Puritans or pamphleteers of various ilk.


Attributed to one of the most celebrated MacThoy Widows, Kilsa the Off-Key, the story goes that she was caught  in the midst of doing laundry and preparing a supper of haggis when unwanted guests arrived. 
A section of an illuminated manuscript created at the Abbey of Lost Wages.  It depicts Kilsa & the Vikings, when Kilsa the Off-Key staved off a Viking attack in 1066 A.D.--ed

Thinking quickly, our heroine snatched some lingerie off the line and using it as a makeshift sling began pelting her opponents with haggis until they chose to give over the field.

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