A section of an illuminated manuscript created at the Abbey of Lost Wages.  It depicts Kilsa & the Vikings, when Kilsa the Off-Key staved off a Viking attack in 1066 A.D.--ed


Kilsa the Off-Key
1047 A.D. - 1073 A.D.

Kilsa was the Granddaughter of Anlaf the Mischief Maker.  The libretto, Kilsa's Lament describes her as falcon eyed, with wild braids, strong and big like an ox.  She is best remembered for averting a Viking invasion in 1066 A.D.

Researchers assume that her parents were traders or lived in Norway for a time, if only to explain her knowledge of Norse customs and language.  These skills would be necessary to convince the invading Vikings that they were in Denmark and not Scotland.

Nimble for her size, she proved to be a master of Viking Stickball and a venerable gambler.

Most of the information on Kilsa comes to as Kilsa's Lament, a libretto written in 1882, by Alabaster Van Gelt.  Which is as it should be.  Kilsa is one of the first of Clan to be described as a bard.  It is fitting that she be memorialized in an opera.

She was also a hideous singer with a voice sounding like Death's scythe on a whet stone.

On three separate occasions, local villagers attempted to burn her as a witch, claiming only the Devil himself could be responsible for a voice like that.  The smoke inhalation from these attacks did nothing to improve her voice.

There are references to her in the Hystorica Calamitatum.  Hell Louise Van Gelt also mentions her in the Gesta MochThos where she had a second encounter with the Vikings.

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