More on the Village Idiot

There seems to be an amazing amount of interest in the "office" (for lack of a better term) of Village Idiot. I can't begin to imagine why...

I believe that the entire "Village Idiot" phenomenon was, in part, my fault. I drank so much that over the course of a weekend I (among other things):

Broke my watch

Broke my glasses (which I still haven't replaced...)

Got a cask of wine so tangled in my hair that I was begging folks to shear me...

Busted a chunk of knucklebone loose while playing drums in some other camp

Fell into a fire

And, of course, puked all over my boots... in my sleep... while I was still wearing them.


I had a burned-in bruise on my arm for about a month and a half after the event...

I just don't want anyone to be seriously injured because they were trying to be an Idiot.

Let's be safe, and rest soundly in the knowledge that somebody will definitely become the next Idiot... probably without realizing that they are.

Who knows...

It might well be me...

--Mad Red Raven Bootchucker,
Village Idiot

Last modified: October 01, 2005

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