The Grandmistress Keg Killer

The title of GMKK is more than an honor award to a tablero player. 

The title is given, not to a winner, but to quote the GMKK the Widow Kali Mari:  ". . .  it is the tenacity to continue playing at all costs (including, dignity, self-preservation and better judgment) that makes a keg killer and not simplify one's ability to count. "  Or to quote the GM on another occasion:  "Ya gotta keep playing 'til they won't take you swimming."

  Bandy Legs elaborates: 

Giving anyone but Kali Mari the title of GMKK is like handing out Grammys to people who get up and sing at karaoke night. The temporary accomplishments of one night's work can easily be attributed to beginner's luck, amateurish enthusiasm, foul play, or even an "off night" (gfaw!) for the Grand Mistress.

It is the tenacity - the dedication - the willingness to teach - the years spent defending the belt - that make the title hers. Only after a person starts making his/her own boards, collecting shot vessels, and taking on challengers despite the fact that they have to go to work in three hours - shall the title be transferred!!!

Last modified: October 01, 2005

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