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Dedicated to the MacThoys
who have gone before us. . . .

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Hell Louise Immuta MacThoy-- Collector of Medicinal & Culinary Guide

Hell Louise Melencolia Van Gelt--1478 A.D.? -1536 A.D. Printer of Medicinal & Culinary Guide


Intercontientius Appetitus MacThoy --5 A.D. -41 A.D. Founder of the Easter Beer Hunt
An actor circa 1906, dressed as Intercontientius Appetitus MacThoy from a theatre production of Intercontientius and the 20 Firkins, a musical written in 1905 by Alabaster Van Gelt.--ed

Creator of the Easter Beer Hunt.

Appetitus had the misfortune of rousing the ire of Caligula during one of the annual beer droughts when the dread emperor suspected him of hording firkins.


John MacThoy --1601-1640 A.D. Stowaway on the MayFlower.


Kilman MacThoy--983 A.D. - 1032 A.D.--Clan Laird
In 1001 A.D., there was a great commotion in England in consequence of an invasion by the Trouble Makers, who spread terror and devastation wheresoever they went, plundering and burning and desolating the country with such rapidity, that they advanced in one march as far as the town of Alton.--Hystorica Calamitatum

Kilsa the Off-Key--1047 A.D. - 1073 A.D. Thwarted Viking Invasion in 1066 A.D. 


Lars Bingamm, PhD.,--author of  "MacThoy History-- A Seriological Interpretation of the Clerics of Luv and Apocrypha"

Lona Campbell-- 1900 A.D. - 1972 A.D.  Anthropologist, wife of Ebervold MacThoy

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