Ebverold "Ebbie" Flynn MacThoy
1893 A.D. -1958 A.D.

The first Clan researcher

It was his great fortune to be able to study the MacThoy Keep before the British Government created Loch Thoy and buried it underwater.



Flynn grew up in the village of Dunn Burrow as a child he read about Schliemann's discovering Homeric Troy in 1873.  He attended school in London and married Lona Campbell, an anthropology student. 

He often accompanied her working on digs through out the world.  Before they'd met Lona was well on her way to establishing her reputation as a premiere investigator.

They spent twelve years studying the site until the Dam was completed and the Keep was submerged.  In the 1951 while Campbell was out of the country on a dig, Flynn began work one of his most controversial projects, the MacThoy Menhir.

More on Ebverold MacThoi and his research.

Flynn died in 1958 of a liver condition at the age of 40. 

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