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Dedicated to the MacThoys
who have gone before us. . . .

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Blar Seeker--1642 A.D. - 1668 A.D.--Started the Great Fire of London, 1666 A.D.


Conan Flynn MacThoy -- 1300s --1st Owner of the Barley Stein. Scop of the Night of the 1000 Longnecks. 

Constance Allison Sercker Leech--1824 A.D.-1901 A.D. Part of the Conflagration Duo


Ebenezer "Pikkle" Pikkleson- 1598-1630 A.D.  Former Pilgrim

Ebverold MacThoy--1918 A.D. -1958 A.D.  The first Clan researcher

Professor Edmund Elworth, PhD. --author of 
Historical Interpretations of MacThoy Lay Clergy -- An Interpretation of the 'Cirque du Yanque' Scrolls

Elder Eric Caanum--authored "Reflections on my Youth -- Being the Story of a Cleric of Luv

Esmerelda Frobbish Flatbottom-- (1785 - 1823)-- a weaver 


George Marvin "Firebug" Leech--1825 A.D. -1901 A.D. Part of the Conflagration Duo

Groovella (I)--Scribe of the Proverbials, 15--s?

Groovella (II)--Founder of the Hell Louise
Circle, 1800--?

Groo Groo Poonawnee

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