The jest's prosperity lies in the Ear of him that hears it, never in the tongue of him that makes it.--William Shakespeare


Oral Tradition

The Clan has a rich oral tradition, due to the fact that many of their members were troubadours and bards.  They also felt that writing was a monumental waste of time.

There are references to two MacThoy bards:  Kilsa the Off-key, the first Widow MacThoy to achieve operatic fame, and Rufus the Light-Finger.  It was originally thought that Rufus earned this nick-name for his skill with the lute but history has disproved this theory.

MacThoy researchers are hard at work to collect and edit these bits of history into a comprehensive and well documents thesis of information which will be the Web Site MacThoy.


A Rogue's Gallery is being complied, as well as Tales to Besot, a collection of the myths and legends.  

Groovella MacThoy currently collects information on his namesake, the famous Ms Manners of the Dark Ages, Groovella and her Proverbials.  

Work is being done also on Word Origins as the MacThoy have left no part of world culture untouched, going so far as to even effect the development of language.

The Reader may also study the History of the Clan Crest & that of the Signet.

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