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I  MacThoy 8:12--Watch and Pray that you may have the opportunity to enter into Temptation.

II MacThoy 3:9 -- Rejoicing in Hops, Impatient in Imbibitions, Persevering in Philandering

Libations 3:4 -- The Alchemist spake saying, "Verily, if ye don't remember committing the Sin, God has already Forgiven you, with the Gift of Blissful Blackout."

Avarice 5:2 -- If I distribute all of my Goods to feed the Poor, it Profits me Nothing.

Lust 3:10 -- While we have Time, let us do all Good Men.

Lamentations II 6:8 -- Neither horn they upheld nor handed me bread.  I fell to the ground and cried aloud.

Proverbs 2:2 -- He that hath a Baleful Eye knoweth not the want that shall come upon him.

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