Sketch of the Thoi Valley

The MacThoy's Scottish homeland in the Thoi Valley is a veritable paradise.  To this day, it is overrun with wild game and the Thoy River-- now Loch Thoi --teems with fish. 

And yet with this second Canaan for a back drop, the Clan choose to be rovers, maintaining a precarious hunter-gatherer relationship with the land.  It never seems to have occurred to them to become farmers. 

They  returned every year for the Beltaine Festivals, and their only "crop," the hops which grew wild in the area.  In the valley, they waited for the war season to conclude and the countryside to resume its tranquil demeanor.

On the shores of the Thoi River, the village of Dunn Burrow was first settled in early 50 B.C. near the outer wall of the MacThoy Keep.  Remains of a Roman road attest to Dunn Burrow being a point of destination at this time.

The life of old Dunn Burrow village has been divided into four sections.  This task was made easy by virtue of the fact that the village was razed and burned to the ground on three separate occasions and the fourth by earthquake and then fire, making the demarcations simple to identify in the soil.

The final demolition occurred in 1703. It is surmised that the earthquake's survivors built Modern Dunn Burrow about six miles up stream. 

The Dunn Burrow continues. . .

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