In the summer of 1946, MacThoy & Campbell realized that they were close to finding the MacThoi Taps. (See Sidebar.)

Unfortunately, Fate was against them.  The MacThoy's part in the debauch of Duke Ferdinand had come to light.  In a blind rage, the Queen cried out that the MacThoy's be dammed.

The British Government moved swiftly-- no doubt at the prodding of certain Historical Societies.

On August 3, 1946, the day the dam was completed and Loch Thoi created was froth with disaster.  

The Flynns missed the bus which meant they missed their train.  They reached Dunn Burrow late that night.

 Undaunted, they set to work on a hope chest uncovered  the previous weekend.

The MacThoy Taps

These Taps are one of the few MacThoy heirlooms.

Said to be enchanted by the Jade of the Loch, they will cause a keg to never foam and to never run dry.

The Taps were rumored to be used in the Sumerian Beer Garden before being relocated to Egypt.  They were lost for a time,  until it rediscovered by Ebbie MacThoy in 1946.

The current location of the Taps in unknown.

 It was up ended, only a handle poked up out of the earth.  The pair had agreed it would be the last artifact to come from the castle.  They hoped it held the MacThoi Taps.

Ebervold & Campbell at a dig--ed

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