We love no heaps of laws, where few will serve.  --John Fletcher

Clan Leadership

Leadership within the Clan occurs through attrition.

On the one hand, each night, one member was designated as leader to ensure the tribe returned home safely.


On the other hand, whoever in the group had a conscience emerged as leader.  In the case of two possessing consciences, both would try to abdicate which would cause a power vacuum.

On the other hand, whoever held the wine sack held the attention of the Clan.

There are only seven titles a MacThoy might be saddled with: Laird (one Apparent and one usually in Absentia), Clan Bos'un, Bos'un's Mate, Clan Bard,  Village Idiot, and Den Mother of Iniquity

And one must never forget the Widows.

The Traditional Wisdom 
of the MacThois.

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