The Sardonica describes the Saga as stuffed with tales of "magical carousal" including the miraculous and various sexploits of St Germane and  the Scintillating Arthorgrim, "who is said to have fell to the ground, in the space of one day, with seven hundred and twenty Saxons!"  The Sardonica calls the text remarkable only for its lurid attention to the marvelous.

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About the MacThoys

It began in 1995, as a hobby for two cousins (Killian Flynn and Og MacThoy) researching their shared ancestors in the Clan MacThoy.

The two learned that just as Akhanaten's name had been blotted  from history, a concerted effort was made during the Puritan reforms of the 1600s to eliminate Clan MacThoy from the historical stage.

During their work, Og MacThoy found a quote in the tome, Anglo-Sardonica. It mentioned a lost text, Hystorica Calamitatum (The MacThoy Saga), referring to it more as "hyper- history" than history (See side bar.)  

Even with this information, neither men had any idea where it would lead on


 that august day when they presented their paper to a group of peers.

The story of this lawless family struck a chord-- not only with the descendants but  with members of varying branches of academia. Before the two men left the hall, volunteers offered to assist in the recovery of this lost history which is compiled on this web site. It is the fervent hope of the Research Team that the information here will prove edifying.

--Pokedea Quidnunc MacThoy

Meet the MacThoys

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