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Excerpts from
Herodotus' Histories

Notes from the First Historian

Here they (Mocthos) landed at many places on the coast, and among the rest at Argos. . . . exposed their merchandise and traded with the natives for five or six days; at the end of which time. . .there came down to the beach a number of women. . . .  The women were standing by the stern of the ship intent upon their purchases, when the Pestilent Ones, with a general shout, rushed upon them.-- Book I, Clio

For five years they annoyed their neighbors by plundering and pillaging on all sides, until at length the Carthaginians and Tyrrhenians leagued against them, and sent each a fleet of sixty ships to attack the town.  The [Troublemakers] on their part, manned all their vessels, sixty in number and met their enemy on the Sardinian sea.  In the engagement which followed (they) were victorious, . . .-- Book I, Clio

. . . there was was civil contention in Attica between the party of the Sea-coast headed by Megthos and that of the Plain
. . . .Gathering together a band of partisans, and giving himself out for the protector of the Highlanders,  . . .he wounded himself and his mules and , the then drove his chariot into the market-place, professing to have just escaped an attack of his enemies. . . .The Athenians, deceived by his story appointed a band of citizens to serve as a guard . . .and to accompany him wherever he went.
[He would go on to use this troop to seize the citadel and install his friend Pisistratus as tyrant.  He soon lost his position which reopened the unrest in the area and Megthos resolved to restore him to power once again. . .--ed.]

And there the device on which they hit was the silliest that I find on record. . .[They found a woman whom they] clothed in complete armour, and, instructing her as to the carriage which she was to maintain. . .they placed her in a chariot and drove her to the city.  Heralds had been sent forward to precede her, and to make proclamation:  "Citizens of Athens, receive again Pisistratus with friendly minds.  Minerva, who all men honors him the most, herself conducts him back to her own citadel.". . . .They of the city. . . fully persuaded that the woman was the veritable goddess, prostrated themselves before her, and received Pisistratus back.
--Book I, Clio

Herodotus' Continues

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