2002 as Near as we can remember

Creptio Matera on the Map 1/8/02

Halpo Van Rabid announced the MacThoy pirate enclave of Creptio Matera is now at 11 members. 

In other gossip, the Fools' Feast has come and gone.  Gryph journeyed all the way up from his Fortress to the fete.  Others there included Maria, Killian, Pokedea, Kali Mari, Father Ben, Hellouise, Owl, Duck & the Siren.  Cabbagehead was in the Northern Reaches the previous weekend but had to return to Absentia.

Oscar's B-day 1/10/02

There was some doubt that Oscar would make it to her own surprise birthday party but she quelled the nay-sayers and arrived with her cold held at bay by liberal amounts of various meds.

Oscar premiered an exclusive CD fresh out of the mail from Bandy Legs'-- The best fuckin album cover  ever seen! in this writer's opinion.  bandy should print them up at REAL album size.

Kali Mari managed to get herself in another cat fight but it was over as quick as it begun. 

Moicha & Thorgrim Wedding 1/27/02

The Widow Moicha Turpis and Thorgrim MacThoy nee Poonseeker were handfasted this last weekend in the exalted Castle of Banff Canada. 

The brutal -24 C weather did nothing to dampen spirits of the event which boasted a hosted bar.  Dinner included a mushroom soup which even the formidable Ah-Pook would have done himself a mischief over.  Dancing went well into the night, including such ditties as Super Freak and a chicken polka.

All present availed themselves to the spa and hot springs and generally abused the lap of luxury.  There is no doubt that when the dust settles, the Castle will find the royal cellar cleaned out of beverages, the beds short-sheeted and the cutlery gone and dreamily wonder when that mysterious Clan from the south will visit again.

St Brigid's Chili Feeds


St. Brigid was toasted in fine style here in Queensland this Saturday.    Fiery chilis and succulent cornbreads were devoured along with many fine alcoholic beverages.  The family has grown by one more, so now, along with Felina Formaldehyde, we've added the lovely, bouncy, and thoroughly raunchy Malty Bev.


And so another year has passed like so much gas after the chili feed for everyone's favorite Reverend. 

I, for one , would like to wish her a Hop and Barley filled birthday, and I hope she's having one hell of a debauch whilst I'm stuck at work, mere miles from the party.

Hope you gets yer spankin's, Rev...

Northern Reaches

Honored with visiting Clan members, the feasting when late into the night.  Siren's abode was packed to capacity and the electrical system pushed to its limits by the plethora of crock pots humming away in the kitchen.

Hildegarde & Dirty Doris regaled the gathered with adventures beyond the Northern Reaches.   Ding Ding surprised everyone by sneaking out a window to escape her family and entertain us for a few hours.

Tidbits that came up:  Talk of Bandy Legs' latest musical endeavor not to mention Octavius' work in that arena, Hildegarde getting published -- book due out soon, Owl's impending book which is in the final stages of printing, Ding Ding teaching us how to speak Canadian, and that stupid jazz festival which will be monopolizing too much of Dirty Doris' attention.

There was much fierce playing of Tablero.   Towards the end of the night, Killian Flynn took command of the table and in a blistering flourish drove off five challengers only to be vanquished by Dirty Doris. 

In his final game, the Laird Apparent set a new record in upset Tablero glasses all the while battling courageously but alas, he was done.  His spirit was not broken tho' and as he was gurneyed home, he cried out defiance to Doris.

Creptio Matera

The clan in Crepto Matera decided to have a crawfish boil instead of chili.... Fun was had by all. Beer was drank, and 100 LBS of Crawfish were boiled and eaten.

Tidbits 2/9/02

Gryph & Father Ben celebrated their 2nd anniversary. And if memory serves, Melusina & Chester just completed 8 successful years.

In other dirt, Nimble is loose in Bolivia having forsook the Northern Reaches to catch some
rays. . .

spent a week in the Galapagos on a boat, blue footed boobies , sea lions, snorkeling, etc. now in La Paz 15000 ft above sea level, just trying to walk and breath at the same time. the camposinos are demonstrating so a lot of the roads are closed , but going to try to see Lake Titicaca today.

Off to Carnival in Oruro, Bolvia.


back in the US of A. had a great trip (one minor inconvenience) will send photos.  all's well. Machu Pichu was awesome, Carnival in Oruro was a good place for MacThoys to see how to really do it!!!

start drinking fri. nite while in a crowd of thousands, playing drums and horn still 4am, up the next morning 8am in full costume to dance and play music in a parade that lasts again till 4am sat., up again at 8am to do it again, all the while throwing and dodging water balloons and foam spray all at 13,000 ft.!

unfucking believable! 

Report from Absentia

Been busy of late with work, the band, a new girlfriend, and getting asked to drop the class I was taking this quarter... shit-oh-dear on the last one... rent has been getting paid (somehow), our phone and other utilities haven't bee cut off (yet), and I am now an Official (and Legal) Reverend. That's right... I can perform marriages, funerals, and absolve you of your sins. That last one ought to scare a few folks.

The Laird-in-Absentia seems to have gotten a job as doorman (and possibly tap monkey, I think) at a downtown pub.

Report from the Northern Reaches

Beer o'clock saw a visitation from one of the MacThoy living on the borders of the Northern Reaches, Sven MacThoy. 

Octavius was there and told of his adventures at the most recent drag show.  Apparently Suuk Suuk Kevi & She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed were both in town for this event and choose to shower all their attention on Octavius. 

The all too elusive Dirty Doris arrived with Siren.  The One also put in an appearance.  During a debate over who has buying the current round, a drunk at a neighboring table decided to get into it. 

Killian (who can't resist toying with a mark) challenged the drunk and was surprised to find his bluff called in the form of an $11 shot of Scotch.

This evening's One was a Clay Miner who rolled off $20 tips for the bar wenches.  The Clay Miner told his woeful tale being unable to acquire land for his operation which would save the economy of our region and perhaps pull us out of this unpatriotic recession but was waylaid by those no good-nik environmentalists. 

Pokedea departed when Killian was quaffing his 3RD $11 Scotch.  He has no idea how many more he drank only that they kept coming. 

Saturday night saw the final production of the Vagina Monologues.  With Kali Mari playing the role of the Wizard behind the Curtain, Ding Ding as one of the on stage performers, and Maria riding herd on the house, it was a rousing success, selling out its last two performances and --we hope-- raising oodles of money for various rape prevention and alternatives to violence organizations.

The cast party was held at Falling Moon Tattoo in the midst of Mardi Gras.  Killian & Pokedea discovered Joe Fitch there.  A regular at the tat shop as his epidermis will attest to, Fitch was also once the roommate of Pokedea & Moicha Turpis. He was promptly invited to May Revel.  Other notables in the crowd were Carey Gibbar and Christina visiting for the weekend from P-land.

Doris survives another year

Dirty Doris' held court over yet another fabulous B-day celebration.  Held out in Siren's marshlands (complete with a wrecked boat no less!), there was a bonfire, burnt meat and plenty to drink. 

We reconvened at the Hot L to resume celebrating her B-day the following day.  And were honored with a rare appearance from Ding-Ding and the Fumitata.


4/28/02 Absentia reports:  The Laird Og turned another year drunker as of Saturday (4-27). His party the proceeding night was a no-bars-held boozathon. The Laird almost had to be carried to bed. Almost. As it was, he could barely stand. A MacThoy time was had by all.

On a side note, the cops showed up to investigate a noise complaint resulting from said party two or three hours after the bands had left and the Laird had passed out. Instead of breaking up a noisy house party they wound up talking to a VERY drunk, but ever so polite, Raven. It was a good evening.

In the Northern Reaches:  The Great Tent Dusting & Beer Drinking Festival & The Scintillating What the Hell is in the Storage Unit--Hey is that a bottle of Rum? Caucus Race is done.

Once again we marveled at all the camping shit we own.   Killian, Dirty Doris & Pokedea dusted & fluffed tents and went through a goodly amount of beverages.

The parachute camouflaging the Luv Boat promises to be a source of much merriment.  Gentle breeze shaped the 'chute like an enormous jelly fish and  bobbed it up and down, once lifting the awning with it. 

4/26/02  Kali Mari ended up on Free Speech Radio News as her campus campaign continues.  She has now been misquoted in five newspaper articles and  was identified as a member of the Cultural Elite (whatever that is.)  She is now shopping for a cape and spandex to continue her crusade.

Pokedea was identified as a victim of the Reduction In Force (RIF) as the UI budget cuts continue.  Killian Flynn received the dubious honor of being tagged an Un-Funded Obligation or UFO (whatever that is.)

4/21/02  Kali Mari continues her campaign on campus. The predominance of her work is getting more people to run for student body office and getting people out to vote.  Progress has already been seen.  She may have instituted or reinstituted the two party political system to the university.

Chester reports from Absentia of another protest the World Trade Organization, the war, and global capitalism.   Amidst the protesters and police the MacThoys were spotted frolicking.  Jezebel & Cabbagehead made it on the news playing hacky-sack.

5/11/02  Phase I of the Poltroon Pasty Party was held last night.  Kali Mari set things in motion by beginning the food processing, handed it off to Dirty Doris who transported it to Killian Flynn's. 

Killian, Maria, Siren, Doris, Father Ben, Ding-Ding & Pokey over saw the stewing process.  They even managed to lure Duncan Donut & Bog Trollop out of their home for a few minutes only after Killian bellared at them to come over.

5/5/02  Shevaun & Bandy Legs visit the Northern Reaches!  They managed to hit Falling Moon's 10 year anniversary party and the Ren Fair in one fall swoop.

We also saw Lee Ann in her Superman costume, Rochelle visiting from her Ivy League Library. 

May Revel

I believe it's fair to say that a rip roarin' time was had by all. 

She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed flew in Thursday morning to Muscovia and assisted in the day long flurry of packing and keg collecting which entailed pushing Siren's busted Harley into its garage.

The Advance Force departed Muscovia shortly after 6p after collecting the Shrimp, kin of Kali Mari, who promised to be a volatile ingredient to the campout.

Thursday night was spent in Capone's bar.  We crashed at Pokey's parentals' place.  At first light, Octavius and She went to hunt and gather coffee only to become thoroughly lost.

The rest of the Advance Force pushed on to the Celtic Revolt.  Pokedea waited for She & Octavius to stumble back to Capone's and then went to the Revolt.

The Clan met the autocrat, fed her and won their way into her girlish heart.  As a token of appreciation she sent an enormous fire pit to our camp, in her estimation, ours was far too small.

That evening, Pokey & Dirty Doris drove to the airport bearing G & Ts to get Thorgrim & Moicha.  Alas the Imperatrix Mundi & Bushmaster had been waylaid in Mormonia.  Pokey & Doris returned to camp where the Absentia crew had got a roaring party underway.

The Texans arrived the next morning.  Moicha managed to stuff a marshmallow and stick into Laird Og's ear.  There was much singing and delight.  Dirty Doris passed the time flashing the belly dancers while Gryph asked them to do the splits.

Both Kegs died in glorious combat.  The Reverend O secured a 3rd keg while collecting Shevaun & Chung Li, the Clan Champion.  This 3rd keg perished shortly thereafter.

Diana the Huntress, mother of Thorgrim won the beer spearing competition.  And Gryphon took the Keg Toss title.  Another gent that Moicha drug in as her champion won over all keg tossin' tho'.

Many a pointy hat sat under our canopy and were taken to school at the Tablero table by Killian Flynn & Maria who taught them there was more to combat than boffer sticks.  The pointy hats later feted the MacThoys in their own camp and praised them for the hearty lessons.

Octavius conducted a census and determined 32 MacThoys and MockToys attended, a new record.  The Absentia crew drove down to Muscovia and drinking commenced anew. 

Late on Tuesday after much fussing, they finally departed for the Emerald City with Cthulu sporting new tires and Bandy Legs exhausted from the cat herding to get them out of town at a decent hour.

Killian and Maria Move

Great thanks go out to Duck and Doris who helped us move all the big heavy akward shit last night. They deserve special thanks.

Octavious was gracious enough to move boxes a 2nd time and even pulled one of his friends into the moving adventure last night.

And last but not least Siren and Poke who helped get the last loads done in the rain.

WOOO Hoooo

Northern Reaches at
the Combine Demolition Derby

The Northern Reaches had a busy weekend.  Pokedea, Killian, Maria, Kali Mari & Octavius drove out to Lind to see the famous CDD.  Dirty Doris, Ted & Andrea were to meet them there but they never hooked up. 

Instead of the unusual fare of Coors, Coors & Coors to drink there was also a microbrew available.  And as fate would have it the brew meister was seated directly in from of Killian, Pokey, Kali Mari  & Octavius.

The Clan quickly endeared themselves to fellow, got a business card & an invite to their September Oktoberfest which the Clan plans to attend.  And as luck would have it, it was their Combine that won the Derby.

And then on Sunday we had a hair cutting party for Ding-Ding who was forced to shave her head this week due to the chemo (which was also was she was regretfully unable to attend the revel). 

Pokedea, Octavius & Killian Flynn let Ding-Ding shear their heads.  Kali Mari & Maria attended for moral support.  Dirty Doris was expected but alas she & the Siren were required elsewhere to officiate over a daiquiri in the rain gathering.

Also, Sessidi reports success in her stealth campaign to get elected supreme ruler of a local religious organization, no doubt to hone her skills at fomenting mischief.

Northern Reaches Inaugurates Summer

Summer was officially opened today with the Clan first trip to the Dunes.  The road over the dam was closed forcing them to take a roundabout way doubling the length of the trip.  In attendance were Octavius, Pokedea, Dirty Doris & the Siren.

Killian Flynn & Maria Zenobia thought it would be amusing to spend the weekend climbing a tall mountain.

Sessidi reports that she is currently in Australia.

Cabbagehead is visiting the Northern Reaches for the Weekend before journeying on towards Queensland to visit Jake.  Rabi is also expected to visit.

New Gallery in Muscovia

Toga Mark MockToy has opened the White Trash Art Gallery in Muscovia this weekend.  Kali Mari & Oscar have donated works of art for the show. 

Due to the title of the Gallery, Kali decided to make some art specific to the Gallery itself.  To this end, she went out and bought some of the cheapest & most wretched beer available & based solely on its color scheme.  Then she invited her friends over to empty the cans.  Killian & Pokedea (enjoying their new hair dos) found much delight in empty the cans, shouting "Oy!" and throwing them at Kali Mari to add to her collection.

That hard work out of the way, Kali Mari chopped them up, punched holes in them and sewed them together with yarn.  In the end she had a lovely red, white & blue lap quilt.

Northern Reaches BBQs move

Dirty Doris has officially relocated the summer BBQs.

In other moves, Cabbagehead has announced that he is moving to Delaware this summer.

She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed to
Invade Merry Olde England

The MacThoy invasion of England proper begins.  With Hildegard already setting up a successful base camp in Scotland.  She is going to be operation out of Suffolk and invites all the Clan to visit.

Sessidi invades Oz, Again

I came, I saw, I drank, and worked my ass off. Sorry I didn't post, but do you know how hard it is to find internet access in the wilderness? Kakadu & Darwin are awesome! 200,000 people live in the Northern Territory.

100,000 of them live in Darwin. NT is about 1/6 of OZ. It is 1.35 million km2 which is equal to the combined areas of France, Spain and Italy. It is closer to Asia than Sydney. People of over 53 nationalities live in Darwin (in the Top End- think of Idaho attitude (independent, outdoors) but progressive. I felt at home- heaps of MacThoys that don't know that they are. Met great people and had fantastic experiences. I will be going back...Plus, snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef... I have to say that it's a hard life.

Camping at Buffalo Eddy

Kali Mari & Maria report a successfully and thoroughly sun burnt visit to the River.  The Siren & Dirty Doris have spent the weekend visiting Blasť.

Mango-Kevi descends on West War

Well .. the event was good for the most part. It was over 100 degrees for about 6 hours on saturday (broke 100 at 11am). There was shade, but not a whole lot of breeze. Needless to say, I consumed more water than I thought my body could hold, but never once made a biffy run until some time after dinner.

I played one game of tablero against a member of my other now non-existing household (recently disbanded, about a month ago), and found out that he lives here in Salem. I lost, but only by about half a shot. I think its because I was filling more full than him ;)

In honor of the Clan, I sang one round of Swing Low, and every tablero toast was Up Theirs.


And in a rather belated item, Chester has completed his studies and is now a certified mixologist. 

He has already responded to multiple questions on the discussion board regarding potent concoctions.

Max Gash is in the Northern Reaches!  Fresh from finishing college, he will stay in the area for a month before proceeding on to Penn State and the Touchstone Theater Company.

Thermo-Nuclear Equilibrium

A new word Kali Mari had to toss out at the BBQ last night.  Ding-Ding stopped in for a visit.  She just completed treatment #8 and has 7 more to go to finish her Chemo.  She is in fine spirits and still bicycling to work everyday.

Octavius had much to report, being knee-deep in the City Council's plans to outlaw breasts.   It looks like the nudity code will go through.  He has been putting on suit & tie and attending the Council meeting.  Last week, he submitted a 4 page report on why the whole thing was idiotic.  He was phoned by one of the Council members and has chatted with the City DA.  Octavius says he's delighted to finally find a political cause he can be behind.

Liquorbox ends

It is with sadness that the Clan received word of the passing of Liquorbox.  Raven writes:

Liquorbox is dead. Long Live Rodeo Sex, its new incarnation.

Mango Kevi visits
Gypsy Days/SeaDog Nights

It should be an interesting event, the site is on a lake. They have a dock, with two or three ships that are used in battle scenarios. I'll take my camera and see if I actually remember to take some pictures with it. The film has been in there for almost 2 years, so I don't have a clue whats on it hehe.

I only played one game of Tablero. I lost, but not by much. We were playing with home made hard cider, it was tasty, I was blotto. The really interesting thing is, all 3 lines that game were chevrons, all three in the same direction.

Also, I rolled 6 9's in a row. Along with my beer, also was forgotten my camera bag and my belt pouch. However, someone else I was camped with had a digicam, and took some snapshots.


In other traveling news, Maria Zenobia has invaded Alaska.  She is expected to return in a week.

Mango Kevi attends Dragon's Down

Although we got a late start out, we made it to the event before dark.   I had the joy of being the designated drinker for an underage tablero participant :D

Sunday was awesome. I never realized how much fun packup day can be if you don't have to drive. We started Tablero Sunday morning at about 10:30. I won the first game handily, skunking my opponent (got the first line in 2 rolls).

The next challenger was allergic to hops, so we played with home-brewed hard cider. Oh lordy by the time that game was done, I was gone. I won that one as well.

I had 6 beers left at this point, so I anted for myself and one more person, for a game of Tablero-and-a-half (3 soldiers each). I lost that game, but only by 1/2 a beer. Considering it was my 3rd game that morning, and he wasn't drunk at all, I don't feel too bad about it. Besides, if you're totally blotto, did you really lose?

Anywho . . . I finally made if back here to Salem at 11:45pm. I get to work at 6am in the morning W00T!

Reverend O's Gallery Show
& the Rolling Blackouts Martini Breakfast

We went for distance this time, traveling deep into the Northern Reaches to reach Siren's secret lair in the Northern Beaches.  And secret it was!  I doubt NORAD can see this place.

Attendees:  Killian Flynn, Maria, Oscar, Dirty Doris, the Siren, Pokedea, Mud, Reverend O & her MockToy, & Kali Mari, as well as two MockToys the Siren invited up who were loitering at the Reverend's Gallery Opening.

Pokedea probably had no business driving the Luv Boat down the goat path which led to the Siren's but the Siren & Dirty Doris had gone to a great deal of trouble to make it a goat path which could accommodate the Rubenesque dimensions of the Luv Boat.  This trip included crossing rickety planks which were passing for a "bridge" and were much more durable then they initially appeared.

They set up camp, and piled into Eeyore to attend the Gallery Show and catch up with the rest of the Clan.  There was a brief stop at the local store for showers, and a change of clothes before continuing. 

(Imagine if you will, locals looking on as an unremarkable little Eeyore pick up truck bounces in, and decants several dusty MacThoys.  They adjourn to the showers, reemerge turned out like the Mod Squad, reboard the truck again and bounce off down the road.)

The reception was a great success for the Reverend though the adjoining restaurant did try to dehydrate the Clan.  Doris busted some ass on the help, got us drinkies and free sushi to boot!  Huzza!

Killian took his crew on up to the Siren's Lair.  We followed shortly there after with the Reverend  in tow.  It was to be a more leisurely drive, until Siren realized that she'd left the kerosene and the matches sitting next to the tequila.  Then it was a mad dash up the hill to save the Clan from itself.

Tablero matches were promptly set up.  Maria tried to give Killian a concussion with a tent and Oscar took Kali Mari back to school at the tablero table.

Mimosa flowed all morning while breakfast was prepared and served promptly at noon.  Doris set to the martini fixings then.  The first toast went to the Laird Og & Ah-pook.

Siren conducted tours of the various artifacts littering the site including trip cross country through shrubbery and repelling down a steep cliff face to the creek.

People began dropping shortly there after.  Killian, Kali Mari & Pokedea bailed out around 6p with the rest of the Clan staying on. 

Doris reports more drinking followed by swimming and returning to Muscovia around 4a Monday morning.

Well, Here's highlights I've been able to glean from People so far.

Ah-Pook has begun his invasion of Europe.  No word on when he will return to our shores.

Cabbagehead has settled in quite nicely into the land South of Queensland.  His dame reports that he is tending bar at a very swanky club.

She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed has landed safely in Merry Olde England where'll she'll be updating its strict teaching format.

Ding-ding's got one more Chemo treatment!

Little Dustino took a break from fighting forest fires to visit both the Northern Reaches & Absentia.

Dirty Doris has been promoted to supervisor!  Quake with fear, tiny mortals.

Killian Flynn & Whimsy combined forces for a huge B-day celebration.

Bon Voyage Party

Good Lord help us all.  Dirty Doris & Pokedea arrived in Absentia and promptly went the Boys' Hut in Central where they found the cupboards bare.  Fortunately, they had warm beer in Snoopy (the car) and discovered mugs in the freezer. 

Raven rolled in shortly there after with his lady companion, Nessa & her new bunny.  Doris & Pokey were disappointed to learn that the bunny wasn't supper but a pet.

Their host rustled up more drinks and sank into a chair just as the phone rang.  It was She wondering where the hell they were.

Beverages were quaffed and the crew (sans Nessa & bunny both being not aged enough to enter public houses) boarded Cthulu (the van) with its screaming power steering belt to begin their journey. 

A stop on Capitol Hill to collect Chester and they were off to the U-District and the Emigrant.  She's party was already in full swing when they arrived.

Octavius' friend, Aaron,  was also there. She's father entertained with the two song lyrics he knew and was quite taken with the MacThoys.

Several hours later, his wife had decided he was done for the night, and with much difficulty herded him out the door.  Pokey looked up a few minutes later to see him sitting down the table drinking yet another snake bite.  He'd escaped his wife on the pretext of going to the loo and then snuck back up stairs. 

Dirty Doris & Chester were unwitting accomplices as they had encountered him in the bathroom and then met the wife outside the gents.  She asked if he was still in there and Doris pointed out the front door and said, "He went thatta way!"  She gasped in horror and ran outside.  Then it occurred to Doris that he'd probably gone back up stairs.

It was around this time that a decision was made to kidnap She from her own party.  They also took Aaron for good measure, gave some hoodlums a jump start and drove the back roads to Capitol Hill. 

A beer stop was made.  Chthulu smashed into a shopping cart which smashed into a car which was occupied by a couple of crack dealers.  Raven & Chester engaged in Emerald City peace negotiations. 

Doris & She found a dumpster to use as a biffy.  The Clan stepped out the elevator and into the supermarket and realized that they had lost She.   Chester & Doris stepped back into the elevator to find She.  The doors closed and they were forced to reckon with the fact that they had no idea which floor they'd left her on.  Pokey, Raven & Aaron hunted and gathered.  By the time they returned to Chthulu, She, Doris & Chester were waiting for them.  Thus ended the beer stop.

They collected Melusina at her place of employment and left the Hill for Shorty's Bar where Laird Og is employed.  She was almost lost again as she headed for the Lava Lounge, an imitation tiki bar.

Inside Shorty's was the Laird, the Reverend O & Lois, a MockToy from the Reverend's Gallery opening whom Siren had invited to the Rolling Blackouts.  The Clan closed Shorty's no thanks to the heinous bitch tending bar who was snatching drinks out of hands at 1a. 

The Rev, Chester, Mel, & Lois said their good-byes and Doris, She, Aaron, Pokey & Raven returned to Central to await the Laird while he finished closing.

At the home fort, Raven & She set to playing tablero.  Doris & Pokey crashed in the guest bedroom on a bed several thousand feet off the floor.  (It wasn't until morning that they discovered it was the width of a good sized plank.  To this day, they have no idea how they both slept on it--quite comfortably too!)

The others were joined by the Laird and continued on until 6a when a brief intermission was declared.  Doris & Pokey were back up drinking by 10a (which wasn't hard, having had an extra couple of hours of sleep.)

By 1130 everyone was up and off to IHOP for breaky with Shevaun & Chung Li.  After food the Clan split up.  Doris & Pokey ran into Chester & Melusina who had hooked up the Fumitata Horrbilus, Jezebel & Dustino.  (The latter three being far too fatigued to join their fellow Clan members last night.)

They were accompanied by Tina the Sax player and her girlfriend who were concluding their move to Portland.  So after much hugging, laughing and "Where the hell were you last night?"  The group moved on their separate ways with Doris & Pokey returning to the Northern Reaches.

September Crown

A small contingent of MacThoys descended on September Crown over the Labor Day Weekend.  Pokedea & Octavius with Octavius' companion, Pancho Velveta drove to Absentia from the Northern Reaches. 

They arrived around 1a, set up camp--they almost set up around a girl scout troop thinking it was Raven's tent but discovered their mistake soon enough.  Raven joined them at 3a after a Rodeo Sex show with Nessa but sans Laird.  His lairdship being far too occupied to hang with his people.

Nessa stayed the night then returned to the city for family obligations & Raven returned a few hours later with Gryphon.

A good time was had, the Captain Morgan was in attendance, even Stuart formerly of the McGurns was sighted. 

She reports from Merry England

Cheers dears, thanks for all the lovely notes and emails, I appreciate them. I can only do this once a month or so because its either a quid for 15 min at the only IT cafe in Norwich or wait for a half hour for someone at the library to get up off the free access.

Well, things are well. I moved in to my own place this morning so that is much better. My back was starting to really hurt sleeping on the floor for the past few weeks. My flat is very nice and there is a pound meter for electricity so I have to make sure to put a few quid in once a week or no hot water for me!

Classes started last Thur. I have 10 and I have only met a couple of them. The schedule is on a fortnight basis and next week will be week two so I will meet the kids. My dept. head is socially inept (sp?) and has claimed me as his project and also said that the storage room needed a woman's touch, I know, I should have told him where he could take his sorry woman's touch ass, but I am new and he is my boss and lets burn some bridges once I am more confident about the goings on.

I am slowly trying to put myself out there and meet some people because knowing only one person really well does not work very well. So I went to the library and found a class on Philo. thought it was interesting and gave them a call..its run by quakers..some outlandish ones and seems a bit cultish for me so I dont think I will be partaking in that, thank you very much.

MacThoy Haz-Mat Team

Killian Flynn, Maria, Ding-ding & Pokedea assisted Kali Mari in her cross village move last weekend.  Ding-ding reports:

Pursuant to Kali Mari's move to Chez Primavera (now Casa PrimaDona) last Sunday, the Macthoy HazMat team performed miracles at said household. Apparently, hordes of slovenly beasties had been nesting at C.P., and their detritus was legion. With about three (?) hours of SOLID work (& really quick beer breaks), a tragic, weird space was turned into a very habitable location. K.M. herself cheered up considerably once her room was discovered under the chaos. Next task: the garden! Planning commences once we reach a conclusion on the major question: RoundUp or flame-thrower?

Ding-ding's BBQ

Friday 9/7, saw the celebration of Ding-ding's completion of her chemo.  Dirty Doris was unable to attend due to work obligations but she did erect a canopy in the back yard to allow festivities to continue through the night unmolested by the drizzling rain.  Siren oversaw the event with Pokedea, Killian, Maria, Kali Mari and BJ & his family in attendance. 

Happy B-Day to Cabbagehead!  Happy B-Day to Thorgrim!


Kali Mari visited the Emerald City during October and was able to check out an anti-war rally complete with cops in riot gear--which she says is much more frightening in person than on TV.

Sessidi is currently reinvading the Land Down Under.  Seems that she can't get enough of it.

Thorgrim informs me that Moicha Turpis is currently laying waste to Switzerland with plans to move on to Octoberfest by the weekend.

New Saucer, New Cup!

Prompted by Kali Mari's move to Chez Primadona, Absentians have decided to start their own version of musical chairs.  Shevaun is relocating to another part of the Emerald City and the Laird & the Boys of Absentia have found new digs.

Texas Ren Fair

Moicha Turpis & Thorgrim flew Pokedea down to the Southern Wastes for a bender at the Texas Ren Fair and a quick visit to NASA.

She Reports from Merry England

AHOY fellow clanspeople UP YOURS from afar!
 Things are going really well, I have been hanging out with more people and made some friends. Unfortunately one really good one is moving away soon, but that is the way it goes. I had a lovely bday and pulled a few boys...wait maybe that is why i am in a good mood

Though the one that took me out for my bday some of you know, Tim, was rather sweet. Don't worry, after being in one of those serious relationship things, I have decided to date everyone I can. I can not be bothered with seriousness, I have enough of that at work and with life. So I am hanging out with Tim often and one guy gave me his number, rather drunk but I thought that was cute, I have never received a # before, another called me and I may see him this weekend...sigh...for all you feminists, no, men are not the only things in life, but they do make it nicer, or at least me nicer  
Work is very hectic, I have a pile of course work and a exc. books to grade but it is easier then before. I am starting to get concerned about my future though, it is looking like I may not have a job after April, but I am working on that.  
I am doing a bit of traveling, but mostly trying to save £ for the big new year trip to Edinburgh, I am looking forward to that and kim is coming along as well  
take care all of you and I hope to hear from you soon  


The Laird & the Boys in Absentia had a house warming to inaugurate their new digs.

Cabbagehead and Jake reported making a whirlwind tour of the Northern Reaches & Absentia before driving back to Queensland.  Shevaun was the only one lucky enough to spot them.  Cabbagehead reports enjoying the east coast and working at a swanky bar.

Carl & Lori Ann had their first child in the final weeks of October and Lee Ann & Bob are expecting their first in February.

Gryph launched a one bear invasion on Washington D.C.

Kali Mari had a particularly joyous B-Day at Chez PrimaDona.

The Boys in Absentia changed their band name again.  As of 11/19/02 it's Crash Box.

Ah-pook had his first gallery show  at his fav watering hole, the Wild Colonial.  He sold a piece opening night too!

Groovella Graduates

Well it's been a long time coming but Groovella/ Octavius finally commenced.  Pancho Velvetta, Killian, Maria & Pokedea saw him there so it really happened!

Groovy beamed like the proverbial cat who ate the canary. He nodded in acknowledgement to the thousands watching him.

The best part was when he ran the gauntlet of professors. They greeted him most warmly, doing their best to cover up their surprise.  I think one of them started weeping.

Bootchucker vs the Taurus

I had just gotten Cthulhu out of the shop (new gas tank/brakes/power steering pump... no more hideous squeal...) and I happened to run out of gas on Boren.

Bad place to be fuel less, no doubt...

So I runs up the hill with a gas can in hand, fills it and returns to said van. As I'm depositing fuel from said gas can into said new gas tank, I find myself thrown against my van. I notice that the gas can has been thrown from my hand, and while I'm looking for it I notice a car's side rearview mirror lying at my feet.

I look up and see the car that had been in possession of this exact mirror until mere moments before speeding off down the street. Being the kind, considerate Bootchucker that I am, I figured that the poor, mirrorless car might want its mirror back.

So I threw it through their rear window as they were trying to get away.

Hit and run me my ass, motherfucker...

Thankfully there is beer, sweet beer.


I want drugs.

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