Ah, youth. 
Ah, statute of limitations.
 --John Waters


Hell Louise's Guide

In 1503, Hell Louise Melencolia Van Gelt recognized the vast amount of natural cures the MacThoy possessed and their inability to use it was due to the debauches of the family.  She resolved to put the knowledge into type, and prevent her family and descendents from having to reinvent the wheel every time someone took ill.

She was the first of what was to become a long line of "Hell Louises" which took on the form of a title of the keeper of this knowledge.  Most of this information has been kept within the Clan for centuries.  (It is only by special agreement with its sister organization, the Hell Louise Circle that the Clan MacThoy Society is able to present this information.  For that the Society would like to thank the Circle for their assistance in compiling this information.)

Hell Louise Immuta MacThoy is perhaps the most prolific of the Hell Louises.  It is from her correspondence with Groovella (II) that most of the information provided herein was gleaned.  Another equally busy scribe was Groovella (I).

(Most of the references presented here are purely for historical use as the editors would never recommend the Reader attempt these activities on their own.)



Tips for Tarts

Fear ye not the serpent. Though it may threaten and cajole, mastery of it guarantees a maiden shall receive her heart's desire.  Proverbials 8:15


Hangover Remedies

Hangovers are not caused by drunkenness but rather by sobriety. --Widow Oscar MacThoy



A clean house is a thing of Beauty.  Both a refuge against the World and a sanctuary for the Spirit. Be sure to visit one regularly.
--Hell Louise Collection


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