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The Griswold Skillet Toss

The Griswold Skillet Toss is a sporting event exploiting the talent and accuracy of MacThoy Widows with the skillet. 

Though men & women compete nowadays, it was originally an opportunity for Widows to meet  outside the formality of the Widow's Circle, to socialize and hone their accuracy.



The heavy kitchen implement was oftimes hurled at the men of the house.  It was vital the Widow get close to her target or --if the occasion warranted --strike a glancing blow without killing the recipient unnecessarily.  The idea being to only get his attention, for they do care about their menfolk.

The Play:

The contestants line up and throw Griswold skillets at man shaped targets--volunteers are usually a scarcity.

There are three throws given to each contestant. Play begins with the target at ten yards and is moved 1 to 5 yards per round.

Once a contestant throws, they must throw in each of the following two rounds.  Points are given for accuracy and distance as follows:

1 point for each yard of distance between contestant and  target.

1 point for the Griswold impacting within one yard of target.

3 points for the Griswold impacting within one foot of target.

10 points for hitting target.

15 points for hitting target in the head or groin.

20 points for hitting the beer out of the targets hand.

Winners are determined by best single toss and best three toss series.

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