Game Two: 
The Keg Toss

The play:

Contestants are given a full keg and 30 minutes to one hour to prepare. At the end of the time period the contestants and their keg prepare to compete in one of  three categories. The more of your keg you can drink the lighter your keg, but the drunker you will be.


High toss: The contestant who can toss their keg the highest wins.

Distance toss: the contestant who can toss their keg the farthest wins.

Best combination of  high toss and distance toss.

Team play follows the same rules with the following additions.

Everyone on the team must drink the same amount of beer from the designated keg. The team will be disqualified if a member is discovered not drinking.

The high toss and the distance toss must be different team members.

Note: Any beer leaving the body without the proper filtration or from an improper orifice will be grounds for automatic disqualification.

Note:  Alcohol induced comas, Hernias, and crushed discs are strongly discouraged.

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