The Equestrian Games

Equestrian competition is rarely seen in the MacThoy Games in this day and age, due primarily to the expense of owning, caring and transporting nags.  A few stout MacThoys in the Southern Wastes are working to bring these events back.

Two of the best know events are Beer Spearing and the Pour. 

Spearing involves plucking a stein of beer on your lance and delivering it to the end of the course.

Points are given for speed, style, and the amount of beer that actually makes it to the finish.

The Pour is simpler race.  Riders ride past squires, snatching beer from their grasp, race a loop,  and then pouring it into a pitcher. 

Pointes are given for speed, style, and the amount of time it takes to fill a pitcher.  This competition could take an entire day depending on the number of squires  "helping" the rider fill his pitcher with beer.

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