The history of proper brawling may be traced to a rite between courtship and handfasting known as the Bachelor Party.


The Play:  Both men and women take part.   Any number of participants is permitted.  It has no official start,  in the midst of much merriment, a free-for-all erupts of good-natured pushing, shoving, and slapping with much mock-nelliness.

Here are the rules so far as they have been determined:

The Rules:

Rule 1.  Participants must be fully and jovially intoxicated.

Rule 2.   Players must remove objects that might actually hurt longer than the one night. (Nudity is encouraged)

Rule 3. Proximity to any source of flame is discouraged.

The winner is decided by determining who laughs the most.
Second place goes to the nelliest Brawler.


An alternative to this somewhat physical form of the Brawl has come into play when the Brawlers are very tired.  It consists of sitting around the fire, drinking, and being bitchy.

A small and little-attended school has been created to give instruction in the Art of Brawling, at the Fortress of the Armored Bear.

--details supplied by Gryph, Head Bear at the Fortress of the Armored Bear.

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