The Play:

No limit on players.  Each Spearer takes a turn.  A Pitcher serves up a cold can of beer.  The Spearer gets three tries to skewer it.

Rule 1.  Don't let go of the spear.

Rule 2.  If you have to toss a beer you missed back the the Pitcher, do not wound him with the beer.

Rule 3.  Don't let go of the spear.

Rule 4.  Winner is selected by on-lookers with any tie-breakers decided by the Lairds.

Rule 5.  Don't let go of the spear.

MacThoy Beerspearing does not allow for alternate weapons, i.e. competitors from other Houses may not use their favorite sword or axe in place of the Official Beerspearing Spearô maintained by the Clan MacThoy's Den Mother of Inquity.

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