Oh Lord, deliver me from dust and grime, that I may bask in your lemony freshness forever more.
--Hell Louise Collection


The Hell Louise Circle

The Hell Louise Circle is an organization shrouded in secrecy which meets nowadays on an annual basis.   The first mention of the Circle an entity is in the early 1600s following the death of Hell Louise Van Gelt to preserve her collection of natural cures.  These were compiled in the Hell Louise Guide.

The Hell Louise Circle is believed to be a variant on the Widow's Circle an organization which appeared in its first incarnation in the early 1700s. 


In the following century, the organization would become a corporation and active in many diverse areas including collaborating with the Clerics of Luv in the operation of an Orphan Society.

The Circle did have a run-in with the House for Un-American Activities Committee.  It marks the one and only time in the Circle's history that they were prominently involved in politics.

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