A clean house is a thing of Beauty.  Both a refuge against the World and a sanctuary for the Spirit. Be sure to visit one regularly.
--Hell Louise Collection



On Wine corks:

There are times when you move, you have to live between two houses. That means, you may accidentally separate your wine from your cork screw. However, always keep a corkscrew in your travelbag [shave kit] as a spare. (This does not include the four other corkscrews you should have anyway) If you keep the extra portable cork screw, you will be safe. *hic*

Helpful hint #2:  When moving, it is just common sense to finish off all of the open bottles of alcohol in the house so that you do not have to move them or risk spilling any.  Start with the sweet stuff liquors and work your way through to the Everclear at the end.  This *hic* should be accompanied by lots of fatty foods so as to reduce the hangover the next day.  

Also, if your coffee pot has a timer on it, set it for about 10:30 the next day, so you can be up nice and early to get in the mood to continue moving.


Father Ben the current keeper of the Hell Louise documents is the self-described Martha Stewart of drunks, except he's cuter and has yet to be convicted. 

"Be prepared, we used to say in the boy scouts.  I am prePARED... for boyscouts over 21."

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